There are numerous reasons why people seek help through counselling. They may feel that it is an opportunity to ‘fix’ what seems to be overwhelming for them or a feeling of despair and helplessness. It might be an issue that prevents them from feeling fulfilled or a lack of sense of self.

Whatever you are struggling with whether you are a couple or an individual, as a person-centred counsellor I will offer you a confidential space in a conducive environment in my own home, where you will be listened to and your situation understood the way it feels like for you.

Person-centred counselling focuses very much on building a trusting relationship with the client to enable them to feel accepted and not judged. Together we can unpack the unsaid feelings, feelings that you may have blocked as they are too painful or whatever is preventing you becoming who you want to be. Change comes within as you work through your issues. Counselling in this way allows the process to continue outwith the session as clients often describe how things become clearer to them and they discover a new way of being.

Counselling is not about giving advice rather working with you to find out what fits best for you.

As we are all individuals and find we can be helped in different ways, just talking may be difficult for some clients therefore I offer the opportunity of working in a creative way either by expressing how a person feels through art, journaling, poetry or using a sand tray. I will facilitate this if requested, however will always have pens and paper available.